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Riyasat Indian Restaurant & Bar

With a wide array of specialty dishes innovated and designed by our chef to bring out the richness of Indian flavors and brighten up the taste buds.

We offer an elevated food experience that encourages the exploration of shareable dishes in beautiful & inviting spaces. Our mission is to serve our customer’s with unique flavors, experiences, and ideas while creating opportunities for chefs to showcase their creativity.

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Pudina Pepper Paneer Tikka____________$16
(Tandoori Cottage Cheese Served with raw mango, mint, corn & Pomegranate chat)

Malai Soya Ke Tinke_________________$20
(Baby corn tossed with assorted pepper and chilies)

Delhi Style Tandoori Chicken  ___________$18
(Pomegranate and leaf salad, Mint and Coriander Chutney)

Parmesan Malai Chicken Kebab _________$18
(Succulent chunks of chicken wrapped in creamy textures of cheese and sour cream along with spices)

Smoked Spicy Chicken Tikka___________$19
(Pickled papaya and smoked pepper chutney)

Fall off the Bone____________________$14
(Slow braise cooked tandoori lamb rack pistachio crust & Pickled onion salad [4 – Pcs] )

Latpata Paneer ____________________$16
(Pickled Cottage cheese and diced bell pepper flavoured with authentic Indian Spices.)

Laal Maas  _______________________$22
(Spicy royal Rajasthani mutton curry with chilli onion gravy, charcoal smoked flavour)

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